Hog may refer to:

  • Pig
  • The Hogs, the famed offensive line of the Washington Redskins of the National Football League
  • M60 Machine gun, also referred to as a 'pig'
  • Arkansas Razorbacks
  • Hogging and sagging, a condition on a ship where the keel is under a bending load, forced upwards amidships and sagging at bow and stern. In wooden ships, this can become a permanent deformation of the keel.
  • Hogging (sexual practice), a practice among certain men that entails seeking out obese women for sexual encounters
  • Server hog, a user, program or system that places excessive load on a server such that the server performance is degraded
  • a slang term for the penis
  • Water hog, a machine that removes water from cricket pitches and putting greens


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